Equality plan

This equality plan guides all the work done in the association. It was created on 23.3.2018 and last modified 23.3.2018.

Helsinki University Greens (HYY:n Vihreät ry. - De Gröna vid HUS rf.) is committed to promoting equality in all its actions and follows the guidelines of the Green party. Additionally HyVi is committed to paying particular attention to the following themes:

Language and communication
HyVi emphasizes the equal possibilities of participation of non-Finnish speakers and commits to having all its official and semi-official communication also in English (and possibly in other languages, such as Swedish).

All the events of HyVi will be organised in a venue as wheelchair accessible as reasonably possible, and accessibility will be taken into account when planning events. At least all the official meetings of the association will always be wheelchair accessible.

Safer space guidelines, discrimination and harassment
The events of HyVi follow the safer space guidelines which means that all participants have a right to feel safe and respected. In our venue, Kupoli, a specific set of the safer space guidelines will be followed, and similar guidelines will be followed in all the other events as well. Board members will make sure that these guidelines are followed, and in bigger events there will be a specific safety contact person. The participants will know who to be in touch with in case they need help.