Sustainability, Equality, Freedom

The election agenda of Helsinki University Greens

Our Student Union (HYY) is a part of society. HYY must be active in the University, the municipality of Helsinki as well as nationally to protect students’ rights. Our student union lays its core values on the sense of community, equality, transparent decision-making, education and sustainable development.

In the upcoming years the Student Union must:

  • Develop overall well-being of a student and create student services accordingly

  • Make sure the business is responsible

  • Comprehend and respond to the needs of different student groups

  • Combat climate change both in practice and as advocacy

  • Ensure a sufficient number of student apartments and the student discount in public transport

The advocacy of student union

The University belongs to students - The academic freedom to learn and do research must be valued and the extent of one’s examination should not be limited. Studying has to be flexible, thus compulsory attendance must be reduced and the use of lecture recordings must be increased. Studying materials must be free and easily available.

Students deserve proper livelihood - To begin with, the study grant has to be raised significantly, and in the long run, a basic income should be established. The level of housing benefit must not be determined by household members.

Sustainable city politics - Helsinki must create at least 500 new student apartments per year. The City Bikes must be accessible around the year. The communal daycare must answer the needs of students with children.

Burnout is not in curriculum - The university needs more student psychologists, so an appointment could be booked within two weeks. The student has to have sufficient information on how to get help.

Our future is defined now - Climate change is the greatest threat of our time. HYY must be the forerunner in climate change combat. Sustainable development must be a cross-cutting theme in HYY’s, Helsinki City’s and the Finnish national policies. Development Coordination has to be preserved at at least 0,7 percentage point of HYY budget. Sustainable development must be at the forefront of the development coordination.

The student union is for its members

The student union for everyone - The student union membership fee will be cancelled by 2025. Any harassment or discrimination will not be tolerated and free accessibility to events and physical spaces has to be a pivotal goal in the Student Union.

Responsible HYY - The Student Union has to be an exemplary and pioneering actor that aims to sustainable business. HYY will not invest money in weaponry-, tobacco-, gambling or alcohol industries or private companies producing fossil fuels. Unicafe has to be managed responsibly, its primary goal not being making profit. Every campus should have a vegetarian student restaurant, and all of the Unicafes should have a weekly vegan-only day.

An organisation for every student - HYY has to support versatile organisational and club activity so everyone has a possibility to find their community in the university. Subject associations and faculty organisations have to be supported in their action and supervision of student’s interests.

Better event culture - When organising events, environmental aspects and accessibility have to be taken into account. The access to events should be mostly free of charge. No discrimination or harassment will be tolerated, and in all events, there has to be competent and confidential contact persons in case of harmful incidents.

HYY communicates well - Events, actions and services are communicated in three languages. The student organisation has to make sure it reaches new students and tutors, so freshers have an opportunity to get involved from the first day on.